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OCCAM caters to both academic and industrial interests. Thus, participation by both communities is particularly welcome. As such, the facility will help foster collaboration between universities and industry, thereby allowing for interactions traversing the traditional boundaries between science, engineering and medicine.

Competitive rates and superior quality for research and development in both academic and industrial fields.

Two tier rate structure:

  • Academic
  • Non-academic
Surface Characterisation

To request services, please click on the appropriate Job Request Form link below. The forms are available in .xls and .pdf formats.

Academic Non-academic
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Please fill out the appropriate form and get it back to us, or contact:

  • Rana N.S. Sodhi
    Tel 416 978 1470
  • Peter Brodersen
    Tel 416 978 8950

Surface Interface Ontario
Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry
200 College Street, Room 111

 Microscopy Needs

To request services, please contact:

  • Sal Boccia
    Tel 416 978 5640
Electron Microscopy Ontario
Materials Science & Engineering
184 College Street, Room 164


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