ThermoFisher Scientific ThetaProbe

  • High-end, small-spot XPS
  • Monochromated AI Kα X-ray source
  • Variable spot – 15-400 µm
  • Dual anode (Mg/Ag) non-monochromated X-ray source
  • Effective charge compensation
  • Ar+ ion gun for depth profiling, Zalar rotation possible
  • Parallel ARXPS (60° range). Sample not physically tilted
  • 2-d multi-channel detector
  • Large area sample platen
  • Special mount for heating/cooling
  • Field emission gun for Auger/SEM
  • Multi-port preparation chamber with heating/cooling, sample parking and port for vacuum/cryo “suitcase”

ThermoFisher Scientific ThetaProbe

Parallel Angle XPS

Oxide thickness on a Ga-In eutectic alloy: An ARXPS study

(Sodhi et al, San. Soc. Chem. Conference, Quebec 2013)

ARXPS spectra for Ga3d/In4d region. 16 angles collected, pass energy – 50 eV.

Fitted spectra on left was spectrum at 44.375°. These spectra could not be obtained on a more conventional spectrometer as the sample would have to be tilted.

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