ThermoFisher Scientific K-Alpha

  • Automated, compact XPS
  • Monochromated AI Kα X-ray source
  • Variable spot – 30-400 µm
  • Effective charge compensation
  • Ar+ ion gun for depth profiling, Zalar rotation possible
  • 128 channel detector – rapid spectral acquisition
  • Large area sample platen for mounting sample(s)
  • Ease of selection of analysis area
  • Wedges (20° & 30°) allow ARXPS to be performed
  • All aspects digitally controllable and capable of automation, including data work-up and report generation
  • High volume, rapid throughput

ThermoFisher Scientific K-Alpha+

High throughput XPS

X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

from Krull’s group – UTM

  • Incident X-rays cause photo-emission of electrons from the surface – energy analysed
  • Binding energies are characteristic of each element – can be used for identification
  • Binding energy of a particular electron affected by the atom’s environment – chemical information via the “chemical shift”

“One-stop shopping at the frontiers of material characterisation”

Ontario Centre for the Characterisation of Advanced Materials