(To be upgraded)

  • Multiple Ion Sources
    • Liquid metal ion gun (Bin) – rapid submicron imaging, cluster source (to Bi7) – enhances fragmentation and yield
    • Third ion gun column – C60 source – enhances fragmentation and yield, shallow & molecular depth profiling
  • Dual Beam Depth Profiling
    • Cs / El / C60 for sputtering, Bi, Cs or El for spectral acquisition
  • Variable Temperature
    • Temperature stage (-150°C to +600°C)
  • Pulsed secondary electron detector
    • (SEM on insulators)
  • Updated software control
  • Docking port for cryo-vacuum “suitcase”
  • Ar cluster source (coming)
  • Improvied Bi source + detector (coming)
  • FIB (coming)

Shallow dual beam depth profiling (Ruda – MSE)

Excellent mass resolution

Imaging – Volcanic glass melt inclusion from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (from Marquez, Scott & Sodhi – SIMS XVII)
Time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry

  • Pulsed primary ion beam
  • Sputters off ~ 0.1% of surface (static-SIMS)
  • Secondary ions (& neutrals) emitted
  • Secondary ions mass analysed by time-of-flight
  • Obtain composition, distribution & molecular information of the surface

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